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Yes it can... but it can be a bit complicated to try on your own!  

As I mentioned in my last email...

80% of our immune system lives in our digestive system & if our microbiomes (the community of microorganisms living in our gut) are being compromised by environmental issues, stress, medications, toxins or our FOOD choices ... it might be why so many are struggling with health issues like:











and of course many more!  

These are just a few of the issues that can be related to a compromised immune system.

So, there is hope in being able to change or improve our microbiomes...with FASTING and something called AKKERMANSIA.

First, you are now asking, what is akkermansia?  

Akkermansia is a strain of beneficial bacteria that lives in our digestive system and it feeds our mucus layer in our gut.  As this happens, short chain fatty acids are produced and the lining of our gut produces more turn keeping your mucus lining (the barrier that weeds out the bad stuff) healthy!!  Remember how I mentioned that we all have good & bad bacteria?'s just a matter of balancing it out so the good outways the bad!!  Low levels of akkermansia may cause your gut barrier lining to thin out and become weak...therefore, causing your gut to allow toxins to enter the body! 

FASTING & SUPPLEMENTATION have shown in studies to help improve this very important environment!!

There are several types of  fasting but I don't recommend you doing it on your own!

1) Intermittent fasting-  Daily fasting where you have a start & stop time with at least 12- 16 hours of no calories. Many people try this approach but struggle with the restricted calories on a daily basis. 

2) Alternate day fasting - I call mine the 5/2 plan... where you eat normal & drop your calories to a fasting low calorie day twice a week.

3) Time restricted eating (similar to intermittent fasting)- some restrict calories at certain times of the day with a limited time window to eat. 

The calorie restriction was found in studies to be more beneficial in those that had an increase in AKKERMANSIA.  Supplementation or my proven akkermansia shake can increase your akkermansia strain of bacteria; therefore, leading you to a healthier gut mucosal barrier and an improved immune system! 

Not only does it improve your immune system, but it may help with blood sugar stabilization, major digestive issues and improved weight loss!!!  If many of us can  actually get the weight off without having to turn to chemical substances like PPI's, ozempic or monjouro... then our overall health would improve!  Many symptoms would subside or turn themselves around!! 

I hope this helps and it gives you a better understanding of how fasting can help you improve your overall health!  I know many of my clients have questions about fasting & weight loss especially but have not been successful on their own! 

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns!  I am here to help! 

As always, be safe & be well!

You mean the world to me! 


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