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Updated: May 7

Are you struggling with pain, fatigue, lethargy, and brain fog?  These are not signs of old age.

Do you feel groggy or exhausted in the morning and don’t feel like getting out of bed? These are not signs of laziness!

These all could be signs that your immune system might be missing some very important links in the chain of events your body needs to fight off decay!  The immune system is the body's primary defense mechanism to fight off harmful these attackers. attackers.

Everyday our bodies are breaking down, losing momentum, actually decaying and is at risk for diseases and compromised immune health. Several factors may contribute to immune dysfunction and increased susceptibility to disease.

Some factors include:

- Antibiotic use

- Certain nutrient deficiencies: such as vitamin A, B, C,D and E, copper, iron, selenium & zinc

- Chronic stress

- Excessive alcohol consumption

- Intestinal dysbiosis or imbalanced gut Microbiome

- Chronic sleep deprivation

- Smoking or e-cigarette use


- Sedentary lifestyle or no exercise

The immune system is made up of various cells, tissues, and substances, such as the skin, red and white blood cells, microbiomes, antibodies, and cytokines. During stress or trauma, strenuous workouts or unexplained / unexpected medical events, our body produces something called Cytokines... labeled C6 & C10. The C10 cytokines are those needed for repair and rebuilding when necessary inflammation is formed in the body. C6, on the other hand, is the bad version of cytokines we are all trying to avoid.  These are the ones that are produced during those stressful or compromised times and can spiral  us down quickly if we don’t adhere to what is needed everyday…

Here are things that will support your immune system and reduce your risk factor for disease:

Your Diet is the key to your immune health so here are some essentials with the food alternatives to taking a supplement :

- Probiotics- they all aren’t made equal!

- Foods: fermented foods, pickles

- Quercetin- reduces inflammation

Foods: apples , berries

- Vitamin C- supports immune cell function

Foods: oranges, red bell peppers

- Vitamin D - if low, can lead to autoimmune diseases

Food: eggs, fish

- Zinc - required to activate immune cells

- Food: animal protein, cashews, pumpkin seeds

Exercise:   6 days a week of aerobic workouts… yes I said 6!!

Exercise is imperative to slow down the decaying process because as we age it picks up speed. It is inevitable that we are all going to die at some point, but we don't have to speed it up!

Laughter & Joy-Find things in life that bring you joy & make you laugh!!

Sex- Having a good sex life is part of the overall health package to keep your immunity up and running!

I am continuing this series on immune health as I am convinced this is the  key to unlocking our longevity.

Hope this helps if you are struggling with an autoimmune disease or might be wondering what’s going on with your body!

As always, stay safe & be well! You mean the world to me!


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