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Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Hello my beautiful people...

It's December and the holidays are in full force...hustle bustling with the family, holiday photos, shopping, parties, wine & dining, and OF COURSE extra goodies we wouldn't necessarily indulge in!

I know you may be saying... What do the holidays have to do with puffy eyes?

Well, there are many reasons why you might have puffy eyes of course but here are a few that may be connected to this time of year & holiday season:

1). DEHYDRATION: During this colder time of the year, we don't always think about drinking water as we are not sweating as much but we still need to stay hydrated! Our bodies are made up of 65% water and if you don't get enough fluids, fluid can build up under the eyes and retention happens. The body tends to hold onto more water if it's dehydrated! I want you to look amazing in those holiday photos!!

2) ALLERGIES & SINUS: Many of us struggle with allergies & sinus issues during this time of year... the weather is changing. If you have other symptoms like itchy eyes/throat and red eyes this may indicate its allergies. A natural antihistamine supplement would be great this time of year to prevent puffiness. Reach out if you need a suggestion!

3). LACK OF SLEEP: Those of you with small children might be struggling more with lack of sleep during this time of year as there is so much added to our plates. But in general getting 7 hours of sleep is recommended along with elevating your head can help you wake up looking refreshed & less puffy.

4). SODIUM BASED FOODS: Let's be mindful of our food choices during this time of year... canned soups & high sodium packaged foods can lead to fluid retention and especially under the eyes if you are prone to puffy eyes. Once again, drinking plenty of pure water... teas, sports drinks, coffee or other liquids do not count.

5). AGING!!... UGH I KNOW... Unfortunately, this can be a part of aging but we can still try to fight it! The natural loss of collagen in our body contributes to the skin sagging and looking puffy. Please contact me if you choose to add a collage supplement to your daily routine as it's not for everyone! It can increase estrogen!

6. LIFESTYLE FACTORS: Ok I KNOW, I KNOW! Date nights, happy hours & too much alcohol can be a huge part of the puffy eyes situation... AND lack of exercise. BUT I am definitely not telling you to stop enjoying your life. I am reminding you that moderation is the key & balancing life is always best. Too much of anything, even good things can lead you down an unhealthy path! Drink water with your alcohol to balance out the effects and don't wait until January to get some exercise...even if it's just going out for walks!

I hope this helps and keeps you looking refreshed... Stay tuned later in the week for a follow up to this email about home remedies & when to seek medical help if this is ongoing!

As always, stay safe and be well!! You mean the world to me and without you being healthy...I am not happy!



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