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First, I want to send my love to all the Breast Cancer survivors out there!!

This is a brutal disease in the fact that it can come on fast with no warning and take your life by surprise! Many of those who have experienced this shocking news...know how it can rattle your nervous system and leave you wondering & questioning how this happened!

So let's talk about that...

Well unfortunately, we will never know exactly WHY this happened so we must move forward and do everything in our power to combat the disease, and don't give our bodies anything for it to thrive on!!

Of course, there is a gene factor involved but it does not mean one will actually get the disease, we just are more predisposed. Our bodies are a like a chain link in which everything is connected. The key is to make sure your body is working optimally and you don't have any disconnects or missing links in the chain!

Here are my suggestions in regards to keeping us healthy from diseases taking over our bodies...


  • Eat as CLEAN as possible... green vegetables daily.

  • Two servings of fruits daily, but not high sugar fruits (see below) and eat them before 2 pm in the afternoon. This allows your body time to process the carbs & sugar and for it to be utilized and burned.

  • Anti-Inflammatory foods to keep your body rid of inflammation such as salmon, sardines, green leafy veggies, apples, ginger, lentils & green tea.



2. SUPPLEMENTS: ( a few to get you on the right track)

  • Vitamin D3 - levels should be 50-70

  • Magnesium citrate -(if your bowels aren't moving everyday)

  • Tumeric or Integrative Therapeutics -Theracurmin

  • Glutathione- to transport all your essential in the body

3. DETOX at least twice a year- LIVER, GALLBLADDER & GUT - Make sure your bowels are moving daily!

4. HYDRATION - of cells & tissues by drinking electrolytes & plenty of water to flush out toxins.

5. EXERCISE- to keep blood & water pumping throughout the body


As always, I am here if you need any help or advice!

Reach out! You won't regret it!

Be safe, Be well and Be kind!

You mean the world to me......!!


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