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I hope I find all of you healthy and happy this week!

So, on this topic...where do we begin!

INFLATION...COST OF GAS, FOOD & EVERYDAY EXPENSES skyrocketing out of control. Not only are many people losing homes & not being able to afford rent, but now many cannot afford to eat healthy anymore.

Our society here in the U.S. already has a problem with healthy options being very expensive and manufacturers capitalizing on "gluten free" alternatives when this can be a life threatening issue for people with celiac. Celiac is real and gluten is not good for anyone... whether you react to it or not. It can be a leading cause of so many digestive issues and leaky gut. Of course, that is another ongoing topic in my work!

These global problems in our world such as COVID 19 and the unfortunate circumstances of war have driven "inflation" and have placed extreme pressure on consumers' ability to continue to eat healthy sustainable food. Statistics are saying that these factors have added to the growth in many people being undernourished globally. An increase of around 24% between 2019 and 2021.

And it's happening more right here in the U.S...

For example:

I was just at Sprouts yesterday to grab some food for dinner and I didn't have a lot of time to I wanted to get a fresh roasted chicken to make it easy for me. I arrived to find the price of the chicken had risen, just from last week $1.00 from $7.99 to $8.99. Keep in mind that the same identical roasted chicken was around $5.99 at one time. We as the consumers are not getting more for the increase, and our jobs are not paying more! Ok, so I am in California so my example might be a little skewed. However, I do speak to many people, which all are consumers, and we all agree that new product development, especially in the plant based market, should be driven by health #1 and affordability # 2.

Many basic products such as oatmeal, which is a sustainable grain... has risen around 50% from $3.99 to $7.99 for the same exact container. And majority of oatmeal is gluten free. And we all know about the crazy increase in eggs globally! So, an affordable breakfast at home now has doubled in cost !!

Now, you may be saying...ok what is this post about... a venting session!

NO! I truly do have an intention...

I would like to make a few suggestions to help relieve some pressure off the pocket book.

1). GRAINS & NUTS: Look for bulk products that you can scoop & pay a lower price per pound. Use for items like oatmeal, quinoa, lentils, almonds & walnuts. YOU ARE PAYING FOR THE BRAND & CONTAINER/PACKAGING.

2). FRUITS: First, look for when they go on sale!! Many stores now are offering digital coupons from their apps. I know it's a little tedious but you can save. Buy as fresh as possible to get the best & most nutrients. Remember, most fruit that has a skin or shell doesn't have to be organic.

3). VEGETABLES: Definitely have increased in price... but you can find deals such as broccoli crowns might be a tad more expensive but you aren't paying for the stalk you don't eat. Fresh lettuce, cauliflower, carrots, etc. are always better than wrapped in a plastic bag...

4). PROTEINS: Always a better choice & can be cheaper to go to the meat/seafood counter & buy your proteins. You don't have to pay for packaging and sometimes it hasn't been frozen. It costs more if they cut them up for you. For ex: Salmon cut into pieces cost more per lb. than a large whole piece of salmon.

For plant based products, it is almost impossible to eat completely package free. However, manufacturers are becoming aware of the need to eliminate additives, preservatives & processing to give the consumers a better quality product.

So, to wrap up this conversation...try buying fresh & watching for your local grocery store deals. You get more nutrients in buying whole foods & limiting packaged items. Try to cook larger portions and have leftovers so you don't waste the food. It's an alternative to cooking everyday!

As always, my concern is for our bodies to get the necessary essentials needed from the 9 essential amino acids to the 2 essential fatty acids. Staying on top of your nutritional health is imperative in our current times! No one is going to care about YOU... like YOU do!

So, email if you need nutritional testing, information on healthy meal planning, or just want to ask questions!

Stay safe & be well!

You mean the world to me... this is my passion!


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1 Comment

Jennifer Cruz
Jennifer Cruz
Oct 18, 2023

Aldi store has some good prices for fruits, vegetables and protein.

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