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Well the Holidays are in full force and many of you may be struggling with some of those seasonal issues...such as:

  • OVER INDULGENCE IN FOOD...which leads to bloating!

  • OVER INDULGENCE IN ALCOHOL... which leads to hangovers! 


Yes, those annoying sugar cravings.  Always hanging over your head like a black

cloud, disrupting your focus and leaving you never feeling satisfied!

There are many reasons why this could be happening and I know I have

talked about them in previous emails:

  • HORMONES- not balanced due to lifestyle issues, inflammation, excess body fat or menopause. 

  • DEFICIENCIES- lacking nutrients such as B vitamins, Vitamin D3, or your essential omegas.

  • BLOOD SUGAR INSTABILITY: not eating enough throughout the day or eating too much at once. 

  • TIMING OF MEALS:  skipping breakfast, no snacks, high carb lunch.

All of these situations above can lead you down a sugar craving crazy path of chasing your tail.  A vicious circle of trying to fulfill the desire in the moment but never really getting to the root or finding a solution to the problem. 

Of course, if you are having problems with any of the above situations then yes those need to be addressed first... but many times it can be cured with just tweaking your daily diet.  Increasing your protein can many times eliminate those nagging sugar cravings and satiate your palate.  

Research has proven that protein is the most effective macronutrient to give you the satiating effect.  It is the most effective food to promote body fat loss and maintain the loss thereafter.  AND more importantly... the older we get the more we need!!!  


Here are 10 ways you can increase or add protein to your daily meals:

1).  Incorporate protein-rich foods into your go-to breakfast recipes such as cottage cheese or an egg... ***check out my egg white oatmeal pancake recipe below  

2).  Add protein powder to your oatmeal, fruit or make a smoothie!

3).  Add collagen peptide powder to your coffee or smoothie! 

4).  Swap regular yogurt for Greek yogurt... increases protein content. 

5).  Make sure you have protein at lunch... and don't skip any major meals. If you do then there is less total protein for your day. 

6).  Dinner is your higher protein meal so make extra and eat the leftovers for a few days!  

7). Add some higher protein side dishes such as quinoa, beans or even an egg on top of your meal... its customary for Spanish people to add an egg to many dishes.  

8). Make choices for dinners with higher protein content such as white meat chicken, turkey, salmon or lean cuts of beef.

9). Make sure your snacks have protein such as nuts, nut butters, string cheese, cottage cheese or a quality protein bar such as 88 Acres, Think or Luna bars. (There are many protein bars out there loaded with sugar so be careful)

10). Last but not least... Read your food labels!  Make sure your snacks have some sort of protein content!  Many of the trendy snacks have added protein! 


3 egg whites- fluffed in a bowl (uncooked) set aside

1/2 cup quick oats (uncooked) 

1/3 cup of cottage cheese (mash curds)  

1/2 tsp. of vanilla 

Add the uncooked oats & mashed cottage cheese to the egg whites and mix together until smooth.  Spray your pan with olive oil Pam & heat it to medium.

Once hot, add egg mixture to the pan.  Watch the mixture as it browns, flip it and brown it on the other side. (Make sure the pan is large enough).  You can split the batter into 2 smaller pancakes if needed.  Add a tad of honey, agave or low sugar jam or fruit to the top.  YUM!!  It's so good! 

***  You can make a batch of these and freeze them.  Take them out and heat in

microwave if you are on the go! 

I know many of you are wondering how much protein you need... it depends on how much you weigh and approximately how much muscle mass you have. My suggestion to start is to first make sure you are having some protein with every meal... Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. 

Please reach out if you are confused on how much you need daily or if you need help with your personal macros!!  I have helped many people curb their sugar cravings and even lose weight just by tweeking their protein, carbohydrates and fats for the day!

I appreciate each and everyone of you for trusting in me and reading my emails!  It means a lot when you tell me you liked my content or that you are reading them each week! 


Love & Peace to you all!!  You mean the world to me! 


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