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Hi everyone...

Here is my follow up to my email earlier in the week that I promised with some home remedies for puffy eyes.

First, I can't reiterate enough how your diet, water intake and exercise can play such a significant part in your appearance and in how your body functions on a daily basis.  Our bodies are pretty resilient so they want to be healthy... so take advantage and get on board now!  Don't wait until January to start making changes...

Here are few home remedies to try and reduce the puffiness around your eyes:

1). ROSEWATER & ALOE VERA GEL-  Rub this combo on your skin to hydrate around the eyes.  Be careful if you have any allergies as it may trigger them.

2). COLD COMPRESSES or ICE WASH CLOTH-  Coolness around the eyes helps reduce puffiness and contract blood vessels.  Cold cucumbers may  help as well.  I know it might be difficult to lay flat & put these on your eyes...BUT consider it your down time which is needed as well to improve your overall health.

3). CAFFEINE EYE CREAM-   (Sold at most beauty locations) This may sound like a fad but it has been found that caffeine shrinks the blood vessels and reduces puffiness & redness around the eyes.  You can also use tea bags that contain caffeine. 

4). POTATO SLICES-  The start in the potato is found to reduce inflammation and puffiness around the eyes.  I will be honest that I haven't tried this one...but it wouldn't hurt to try!

For another tip... just to cover the dark circles...Mary Kay has an amazing under eye corrector.  It's has a different tinting than regular under eye cover to help cover the daker blue like circles we get sometimes as we age, have lack of sleep, dehydration  or may just be hereditary.  

Search it on Amazon... and I don't get anything for recommending it except YOU LOOKING BEAUTIFUL!! 

As I mentioned, if this is a chronic situation...and your puffiness doesn't seem to be related to anything I have suggested, please reach out or maybe see your doctor.  Many autoimmune diseases can cause issues on or around the eyes. 

Stay tuned for more Holidays tips and ideas to make this time of year a healthy one...!!

As always, stay safe & be kind to yourself!  You mean the world to me!  



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