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Hey guys!

Yes I know it's been a month since I've reached out and I hope I find all of you taking off in 2024...expanding your potential & reaching for the stars!  

My year has started off well and this month for many of us is a time we think about LOVE and of course our relationships. 

So... I have been thinking about all of you whom I love and appreciate! Many of you have used my services currently or in the past!  I believe, if you have worked with me you will know that I truly love what I do and have a passion for helping people and getting results! 

My nutrition coaching business has been a LOVE that comes very natural for me that I WILL CONTINUE TO NURTURE! It will always be MY FIRST LOVE!

However,  I have actually found a new Love ... 

Something that I have always wanted to do ...

Something to help others and benefit people as well...

So stay tuned next week for the unveiling of my new venture!!

NOW... Since this is the month of HEARTS ... let's talk about some things you can do to improve your heart's health!  

Well...of course the first thing I would suggest as your nutritionist is to examine your diet...

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FOODS - Increase your green vegetables like spinach, broccoli & asparagus, nuts, seeds, avocados and fish. 

SODIUM INTAKE - elevated sodium levels can elevate blood pressure & cause water tension around the heart. 

HIGH FAT MEATS - eating too much animal fat can elevate your CHOLESTEROL, especially your triglycerides which is excess fat floating around in your blood.  Too much "bad" fat can lead to heart problems. 

NEXT... of course... add some kind of exercise.  Pumping more blood, oxygen and water into your muscles and your heart is a muscle, improves circulation, increases your fat burning machine and flushes out fat and toxins that increase inflammation in the body! 

NOW, there are other things you can do to improve heart health on a daily basis that you might not automatically think about...

LAUGHING ... Having a laugh with a friend or family can reduce UNMANAGED STRESS which is an underlying symptom & reason why many seek their doctor 

FIND A HOBBY ... Finding an outlet and doing something that feeds your soul can improve heart health and keep joy in your life!  

GOOD NIGHT SLEEP ... Getting a good night sleep increases the necessary hormones needed for neurological function & improves your thyroid's ability to perform.. 

BEING SOCIAL ... Reaching out to friends or joining a group can improve your heart health and your mental and overall health!  Isolation, as we have been informed, is a reason why many people are depressed these days.  

Genetics do play a part in our health and can be a leading cause in elevation of blood pressure, cholesterol and obesity!  We can't change the cards we are dealt but we can take measures to make sure the "bad ones" are kept unturned!

Taking the necessary precautions and looking for signs and symptoms that don't feel normal are key to keeping you and your heart healthy!!

I hope I find all of you this month healthy and HAPPY!

As always, stay safe & be well!  You mean the world to me!


P.S.  Please don't forget to look for my Valentines email next week as I unveil my new LOVE!  

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