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Introducing my new supplement

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Do you struggle with:

  • Sugar Cravings?

  • Low Mood?

  • Low Energy?

  • Poor Sleep?

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"I've been working with Michelle for over 15 years now and I cannot express how much she has helped me. I want to thank you for taking me away from my yo-yo dieting and guiding me through a whole new keto lifestyle. It changed my life! Completely."

Jennifer Guerini


“I went to Michelle because I was already struggling with an auto-immune disease and I needed guidance with my nutrition. She suggested I test for food allergies -- it was unbelievable what we discovered and it changed my whole perspective. I was eating popcorn every night and found out I was extremely allergic to corn. She then guided me through a whole health and wellness program that completely eliminated my pain.”

Erica Bonnette

Delta Flight Attendant

“I can’t say enough good things about Michelle...she has changed my life. She made me feel comfortable and open to share my frustration. I began to see results right away not only with my weight but also with my cholesterol numbers. She knows that what might work for one person may not be the right approach for others. She is the best!”

Mary Marcus